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Issue 22: Death Incarnate
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So, for those of you that haven't played CoH in awhile, figured I'd fill you in on the latest and greatest content update.

First off? Dark Astoria revamp. And by revamp I mean "Get rid of the fog, make it a co-op zone with 50+ critters and holy **** this zone looks @#$% AMAZING".

Next, the solo incarnate content in DA. No more grinding trials or waiting for trials to even start. Casual FTW.

Oh, and the new story arcs in DA? TONS of story. TONS of lore. The writing is easily the best in CoH. Oh, and even short non-combat "personal stories" where you find out what happens with your contacts after you do all of their missions.

The one downside is that you need an active subscription (VIP) to access Incarnate content... But oh man, I gotta say, the new Dark Astoria is WORTH IT.

So, if you've been wanting a reason to come back and try out CoH again, I'd highly recommend shelling out a month's subscription for VIP/Incarnate access and checking it out.

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