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Join Date: Jun 2004

Just Returned
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So I just return to VG a bit ago and, wow, has it improved a lot since its infamous release. Anyway, anyone else playing on Xeth? Wasn't there a whose-where thread a while back or am I just imagining things? If you're playing on Xeth and need a BMG, look up Shmu by the way, always happy to help a fellow Safehouser. :D

"Answers without reasons are magic, not mathematics, Woolly Coati." -- the Space Hopper, Flatterland, by Ian Stewart
Sarlor Mortiis
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Re: Just Returned
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how curious lol...

just come back too and wanna re-iterate what u said about the changes and also have a bmg haha

look out for me on Seradon guys, i've whacked an autojoin TheSafehouse in my channel list, come join me!


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Re: Just Returned
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I'm on Xeth. Usually on either Kelnozz or Ryldrin. Shoot me a tell as I will probably be bored while grinding faction for the wardship thrown weapons.

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Re: Just Returned
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Welcome back

Fafniir - 50 Rogue / 50 Diplomat
Reverence, Seradon

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